11 Reasons Why Animals Are Better Than Most People

March 7, 2018


1. They don't judge you (unless they're cats)

2. They don't care if you're wearing makeup or not

3. They don't care if you've gained or lost weight

4. They don't care if you swear too much

5. They're honest with their feelings

   a. If they're cuddling in your lap, it's because they want to be there. No questioning, "Is she just in my lap because she feels guilty that I've invited her to cuddle in my lap five times and she's turned me down every time so now she's finally saying yes to get it out of the way?"

   b. If you reach out to pet him and he nips at you, it's because he's not afraid to tell you what his boundaries are. You won't get into an argument later because he's always hated you touching him but he never told you so you've been cluelessly all over him and his resentment has just been simmering under the surface for like six months, only to result in a giant blow-out at Whole Foods even though you thought you were arguing over what brand of pasta sauce to buy when he's suddenly like, "I hate the feeling of your skin on my skin, BRENDA!"

6. They don't interrupt when you just need to talk

7. If they love you, that love is trusting and pure

8. If they love you, they believe that you can do anything (to whatever capacity their brain can comprehend that. I mean, I'm under no illusions that my cats know what the office of City Comptroller means, let alone believing I can achieve it. But they ARE pretty sure that I always have the ability to make food appear, and I appreciate that faith they have in me.)

9. They don't say hurtful things

10. They don't apologize for taking up space

11. They don't apologize for going after what they want


Now go hug an animal! Unless they don't want you to. Then believe them. Unless it's too late because you didn't believe them and now you're bleeding from your face. Then go to the hospital. 


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