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Bethany was born and raised in Wisconsin. (No, she didn't ride a cow to school but yes, cheese is incredibly important to her.) She received her BA in Theatre Arts from the University of Minnesota. In a desperate attempt to escape her post-college soul-destroying banking job, Bethany submitted her headshot and acting resume to her local radio station in Minneapolis. Even though she lacked any radio experience whatsoever, Bethany's extensive training in improv helped her land the job and she ended up co-hosting their morning show for four years. Bethany then got the incredible opportunity to co-host the nationally syndicated Elvis Duran & the Morning Show, which she did until February 2018. Currently, Bethany can be seen in "Labeled" - a web series that she co-produced and stars in - about a fictional record label in NYC. She also stars in the upcoming film "Lonely Hearts" and the upcoming web series "Pet Peeved." When she’s not acting, writing, or working on producing new projects, Bethany enjoys aerial silks and seldom leaving her Manhattan apartment because she’s trying to get her rent’s worth. She lives with six plants, two kittens, and her Soda Stream. She loves coffee so much.

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