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"An Acquired Taste" & "The check-in" PODCASTs

Every week on the Webby Award-nominated "An Acquired Taste Podcast," Bethany and Kathleen - two friends who are polar opposites - get together to chat about their lives and what’s weird in the world! From lifestyle and self-improvement ideas to eerie and haunted topics (is someone living inside your walls?) Bethany and Kathleen are talking about it.


An Audioboom Original™, "An Acquired Taste Podcast" comes out every Thursday on all major podcasting apps!

The Check-In [with graphics].png

"An Acquired Taste" has a new bonus podcast! "The Check-In" is where Bethany and her boyfriend Dennis discuss their relationship, how they manage dating and working together, and just generally find reasons to tease each other in public. When you work this closely with your romantic partner, you need to take time to Check In! 

"The Check-In" comes out every-other Friday on the "Acquired Taste" feed! 

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NOTE: Since "The Check-In" comes out on the "Acquired Taste" feed, you only need to subscribe to "An Acquired Taste" to get both!

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